Darci MeyersMA, CHT

Psychotherapy and Spiritual Direction
Tapestry Tribe: Virtual Spring Equinox Ritual

Saturday, March 20, 2021, 4 :00 - 6:00PM MT

The Spring Equinox is a time of great significance for those who live in harmony with the earth and the cycles of the natural world. The arrival of warmer weather signals the return of plants and animals. It is a time to gather, to celebrate and to recognize our connection with all of creation.

From the ancient Celtic tradition, the Goddess Ostara, the Goddess of spring and dawn, is celebrated at the Spring Equinox as the bringer of light (where the Christian celebration of Easter originated). The Goddess Ostara also represents the moon and fertility, a time of new beginnings and fresh starts. It is the rebirth of nature, fertility and the earth. Cross-culturally in earth-based traditions of the Americas, spring is connected to the direction of the south, the way of the healer, of mother earth and of story and truth telling.

This is a time to come together in community and take a sacred pause, to identify what we want to leave behind/what we have learned from the darkness of winter, and what we would like to begin anew with the onset of spring. Through ritual, guided meditation and sharing in council, we mark this time where day and night are equal as a new beginning, a way to reclaim and share our “Original Medicine.

We are a tribe of consciousness medicine travelers weaving our stories into a healing tapestry as we share in community. We support each other to integrate these deeply profound, inspiring experiences into our day to day lives, to inspire healing and transformation both personally and collectively.

Participation is over Zoom by invitation only. Please inquire for more information.