Darci Meyers, MA

Areas of Training Expertise
I provide education and consulting on a number of topics, drawing from my background in hospice, spiritual care, healing and meditation. I am told that one of my areas of strength is teaching and facilitation. I have the ability to deeply guide groups into a process of shared, experiential learning and transformation, while drawing out each individual's experience, wisdom and insights. I offer training to small and large groups, organizations, and people in personal and professional caring roles. 

Educational topics offered include:

Death and dying
Grief and bereavement
Workplace wellness and work/life balance
Compassionate listening skills
Responding effectively to the needs of others
Spirituality as a resource for self care
Meditation as a resource for self care
Cultivating compassion as a resource for self care
Transforming compassion fatigue and burnout
Creating healing spaces at home and at work
Finding meaning
Spiritual care 
Feng Shui

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