Darci MeyersMA, CHT

Psychotherapy and Spiritual Direction
Individual Sessions
Individual sessions are an hour to an hour and a half, offered to individuals and couples, in person and online. 

1 hour: $120 - $175 (sliding scale) 
Day-long Intensives
Day-long Intensives offer the opportunity to explore your mind/body/spirit system more deeply through ceremony, consciousness exploration and meditation, offered to individuals and couples, in-person in a retreat setting in beautiful Crestone, Colorado. 

$1,000 - $1,500 (optional overnight accommodation not included)

Many groups are offered throughout the year, including in-person and virtual psychedelic integration groups and women's groups. Please see the Events tab for more information. 

"Life is a mystery to be lived, not a problem to be solved."
                          - Angeles Arrien
Services are offered with an open heart on a sliding scale in the model of participation rather than consumption, with the understanding that an equal exchange of energy is required to keep the circle of giving and receiving alive and vital. You are the key participant in your own healing, as well as in the healing of your family, community and our larger environment. Participation is vital to positive growth and healing and helps us stay in balance with all of creation. 

Please offer what you can in return. If you have the gift of financial resources please consider offering more to support those who do not. If you do not have the financial resources, please offer what you can. This includes offering energy and time. You can plant a tree to counter climate change or donate your time to a local charity. Everything is energy and when given freely is never lost and continues to be of benefit.